The Gilder magazine issue 1

The first ever publication of Writers Guild Chuka will leave you in awe! You have absolutely no reason to not get a copy.

Ksh. 350 (Hard Copy)
Ksh.100 (PDF)

The Gilder magazine issue 2

This 32-page magazine features stories told from the voices of young and passionate students. It speaks out their mind on a wide range of themes. Purchasing a copy is not just supporting their growth, but also widening your knowledge as well.

Ksh. 300 (Hard Copy)

Ksh.100 (PDF)

The Gilder magazine issue 3

This is the latest edition of The Gilder Magazine. It was released on January 7th. This edition features inspiring stories of such individuals as Kevine Lumbasi, a third-year Chuka University student of criminology who has stood against all odds to pursue his dreams of becoming a footballer despite being physically impaired.

Ksh. 200 (Hard Copy)

Ksh.100 (PDF)