Vincent Owino
Former Chairperson (Founding)

Vincent studied Economics and Statistics at Chuka University from 2016 to 2020. He is the founding chairperson of Writers Guild Chuka and  served twice as the Chairperson. He also served the club as a Secretary.

His say is:

Writers Guild Chuka was founded on the principles of honesty, accountability, passion and professionalism. It is because of these that it has managed to come this far. We cannot see the future, but as founders of WGC, we hope for the best for our beloved club and that some days in the future we might look back unto these days with smiles because of the immense success of the club.

Brian Githinji Kiiru
Former Secretary (Feb 2019-Feb 2020)

Brian studied Bsc. Environmental Science in Chuka University from 2016 to 2020. He is an environmental enthusiast and conservationist who believes in environmental sustainability for prosperity in all sectors. To him, writing anfdpoetry are a big platform to air his views on society issues. 

His say is:

Writers Guild Chuka is a family, more than just a club. In this family, we strive to build each other, to refine our writing and art passion into a profession. It’s a platform to showcase authentic raw and uncut talent from which the fires of this family strive ti refine and produce art from the heart, to grow writers that the world needs. Growth is our topmost goal since inception back in 2017 and as a family too, we have grown and chunned out real professionals in the world of art and writing.

Jeniffer Mwangi
Former Treasurer

Jennifer studied  Bachelor of Education (Arts) at Chuka University from 2016 to 2020.  Jennifer, popularly known by her pen name ‘Soniah, is a talented artist who draws animations and word art. She also writes and performs spoken word. She was an active member of Writers Guild Chuka since 2017 and served as the treasurer of the organization in 2019. 

Her say is:

Art moves me; it builds and teaches me a whole new perspective about life. It gives me a purpose to face each day.