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This is the official website of Writers Guild Chuka, a chapter of Writers Guild Kenya in Chuka University. Welcome aboard!

We are driven by the need to make the world a better place!

We are an organization focused at making the world a beautiful place to live in, and we do this through the following ways:

A Family of Writers

We are not just an organization, we are a family and we are always there for each other.

Giving Back to the Society

Writing is passion, but giving back to the society preserves our humanity.

Training Together

We become more knowledgeable through training on various topics.

"Hulka ya wanadamu ina walakini chungu nzima. Wakikuona umekonda watasema wewe sindano; na wakikuona umewanda watasema umevimba."

Marehemu Ken Walibora, Mwandishi wa 'siku njema' na 'kidagaa kimemwozea'

About Us

The Story of Writers Guild Chuka


Writers Guild Chuka began as a club in Chuka University in 2017, gaining official recognition by the institution in April 2nd  2017. It was founded by a group of students, with the support of The Writers Guild Kenya, and it was to operate as a chapter of the mother organization, in Chuka University.

As a club within the Chuka University fraternity, we are committed to providing a platform for young artists to display their art and helping young writers grow and realize their dreams in writing. Here is a timeline of our journey of hope: 

We welcome every passionate writer and artist to join us. We hold our meetings every Tuesday at 7 p.m. in S204, that is, the Science Complex Building, second floor, room number 4. Our meetings are normally very informative and characterized with a lot of laughter and fun. 

April 2017

The club is registered by the university administration and launched to officially operate as per its objectives. 

September 2018

Promotional  t-shirts (black) are produced and worn by members for the first time at the retreat. The t-shirts were a marketing strategy and did well in bringing more members to the club.

October 2018

The club puts up the first blog site, providing a platform for the expression and growth of the members.

January 2019

The club releases its first issue of their semester-ly publication, ‘The Gilder Magazine’ and sells several copies to the students and staff of Chuka University.

October 2019

The club releases the second issue of ‘The Gilder Magazine’ and sells several copies to Chuka University staff  and students.


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Ken Walibora!
(Mwandishi Hodari)

Waandishi na wapenzi wa sanaa humu nchini na kote ulimwenguni wanaomboleza kwa majonzi kuaga kwake mwandishi hodari Ken Walibora. Inasemekana kuwa Walibora alifariki katika ajali ya barabarani iliyotokea katika mtaa wa Landhies Road jijini Nairobi Ijumaa ya tarahe 10/04/2020. Wakati wa kifo chake cha ghafla, Walibora alikuwa mhadhiri na mkurugenzi wa idara ya lugha katika Chuo Kikuu cha Riara humu nchini. Walibora anakumbua haswa kama mwandishi wa riwaya za ‘Siku Njema‘ na ‘Kidagaa Kimemwozea‘.  Aidha, pamoja na Said A. Mohammed, walikuwa wahadhiri wa mkusanyiko wa hadithi fupi ‘Damu Nyeusi na Hadithi Nyingine’.

Tunamwomba Mwenyezi Mungu aweze kuifariji familia yake kwa wakati huu mgumu. Waandishi wa Writers Guild Chuka wametunga mashairi mbalimbali ya kumwomboleza Walibora. 

Ken Walibora
Marehemu Ken Walibora

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Giving back to the society

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Writers Guild Chuka is open to new registrations. We welcome every lover of art and literature to our meetings. You might as well have any  other reason whatsoever for wanting to contact us, do not hesitate! We will get back to you as sson as possible.

Our Meetings

Every Tuesday,

7.00 P.M. – 8.30 P.M.

S204, 2nd floor Science Complex,
Chuka University.

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Their Say!

Opinions of current and former members and friends

"Writers Guild Chuka is the junior most of all WGK chapters but has grown beyond our expectations. The work they are doing is commendable!"
Gabriel Dinda
Founder, WGK
"Writers Guild Chuka is a place for growth. It nurtures young people in all aspects of life, from art, talent, leadership just to mention a few."
Vincent Owino
Founding Chair
"I can personally testify to the nurturing power of WGC, because I have experienced it myself.."
Lenox Olima

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